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Welcome to Community Dental Centers of America

At Community Dental Centers of America, we’re committed to increasing access to dental services and providing patients of all ages with the highest quality care. As a trusted partner of several community healthcare centers and hospital networks, including Esperanza Health Centers, Access Community Health Network, Christian Community Health Centers, Norwegian American Hospital, and Saint Anthony Hospital Network, we’ve established ourselves as one of Chicago’s leading dental organizations. From the direct provision of dental services, and staffing, to the management of daily operations as well as finances of dental departments, we’re experienced and well equipped to do it all.

Implementing A Vision For Healthy Communities With Access To Care

With a leadership team that includes healthcare visionaries and global thought leaders, Community Dental Centers of America operates a thriving network of dental and healthcare centers throughout the Chicago and Chicagoland area. Known for an unwavering commitment to excellence, Community Dental Centers of America is widely recognized as one of Chicago’s foremost dental organizations.

Skilled, Compassionate Dentistry For Patients Of All Ages

Every practice we manage shares the same goal. That mission is to help patients of ages enjoy the benefits of healthy, beautiful smiles. At Community Dental Centers of America, we take pride in delivering skilled, compassionate, and timely care. Our professional dental teams are multi-lingual and take the time to provide every patient with instruction on proper oral hygiene, smart dietary choices, and the best ways to support a healthy smile. We really care and demonstrate our commitment to the communities we serve every day through dental education, open access to care, and outreach.

For more information on Community Dental Centers of America, our practice management services, and the business solutions we provide, give us a call today!